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The History of Weigelt Co.

Carl Weigelt senior, born November 27th 1957 in Schnellwitz/Schlesien, learned the gardening trade in 1871-1874. He then worked in Dresden, Leipzig and Erfurt and became the head of the research and development department and catalog editing at the renowned I.C. Schmidt Co. in Erfurt. Carl Weigelt founded his nursery in 1895 on a piece of land in the Weimarische Street in Erfurt. The company was built on the cultivation and trade of flower and vegetable seeds. In 1896, the first catalog was printed. Of all the new cultivations, the glasshouse cucumber “Weigelts Beste von allen” (engl. “Weigelt’s best of all”) became a world success.

In 1929 Carl Weigelt became an honorary member of the Association of Erfurt’s Seed Cultivators. He gave over the management to his son Ludwig Weigelt in the same year. Carl Weigelt passed away on June 3rd 1932.

It was thanks to Ludwig Weigelt that Weigelt & Co. was able to look back on its 100th anniversary. In 1947, Ludwig Weigelt realized that a free-enterprise was no longer possible under a communist regime. He therefore decided in 1947 to leave his birthplace Erfurt together with his family in order to build a new existence in the West German city of Duderstadt, where the old Erfurt seed cultivating tradition was then continued.

In the year 1948 Alfons Ziegler Co. joined as business partner and together the Erfurter Samenzucht was founded.
Through the acquisition of the tree nursery Good & Koenemann, founded 1885, it was possible in 1951 to move the business to Niederwalluf in the Rheingau.

During the move to the Rheingau the region revealed itself as having an ideal climate for the cultivation of seeds. In 1953 the seed cultivator Otto Kaufmann joined the company – he became famous for his bedding- and pot plant hybrid-cultivations. Experts with decades of experience in the field of seed cultivation, partly still from Erfurt, contributed their knowledge to the company.
After an eight-year training both at home and abroad, the two sons of Ludwig Weigelt have been working for the company in their field of expertise since 1962.

In 1973 Karl-Heinz Weigelt and Horst Weigelt took over the company, by now in the third generation, as joint and personally liable partners. Next to the cultivation of seeds, seed boxes and seedlings were, in accordance with the market demands, newly added to the program.
In 1985 the seedling customer base from Adam Schneider Co. was taken over, thereby expanding the company division of seed boxes and seedlings considerably. The export customer base was expanded to over 30 countries. While attending national and international gardening exhibitions, highest awards were won.

In the year 2000 the seedling division had to be closed down.

Since then, Weigelt GmbH & Co. E.S. KG exclusively focuses its trade on high-quality flower and plant seeds.

In 2017 Sibylle Eich is heading a newly formed company named ‘Weigelt Samen', which is going to take care of former Weigelt GmbH & Co. E.S. KG's customers. Starting August, 1st ‘Weigelt Samen' is handling all customer orders.


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