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New chapter for Weigelt - Company changes, tradition remains

Dear client,

since 1895 Weigelt is a leader in producing and trading high quality professional seeds. For more than 120 years Weigelt continuously adapted to changing customer needs, new market requirements and political circumstances. Now, the next chapter in Weigelt's company history begins. To secure and extend its business the Weigelt family decided to cooperate with Sibylle Eich. The Weigelt and Eich families are sharing a relationship for three generations, based on trust and closeness.

Sibylle Eich is heading a newly formed company named ‘Weigelt Samen', which is going to take care of former Weigelt GmbH & Co. E.S. KG's customers. Starting August, 1st ‘Weigelt Samen' is handling all customer orders. As the company changed, the address and contact details changed.

New address:

Weigelt Samen
Flora 3 
55459 Grolsheim

Phone (+49) 06727 89 44 93
Fax (+49) 06727 89 44 99


Catalogue and price list retain their validity.

We would like to remind you that payments to settle all invoices, issued before August, 1st 2017 must be made to the known accounts at Postbank and Wiesbadener Volksbank. For all deliveries from July 30th on, new company and account details will be valid.

We look forward to future cooperation.

Best regards.

Sibylle Eich

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